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When you encounter a Dynamic-Link Library error (DLL error) or related Windows 7, XP or Windows Vista error, what can you do about it? How can you track down the source of the problem and, one hopes, fix the problem?

If a Windows error of this type is troubling you, it can be fixed in most cases with some effort.

What the heck is a DLL, anyway?

A DLL is often a part of an application or software program, containing some of the application's instructions or additional data required by the application. It is also used to share components between applications–it's a way to create modular components that can be replaced or updated without having to update the entire application. DLL files are a key component of the Windows operating system, and have been so since the earliest versions.

If you are getting random errors messages whilst using your PC or on boot up Xgates Computers can help.

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