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Is your PC or Laptop starting to run slowly?

Are you being redirected to internet pages that you don’t want?

Does your PC or Laptop crash randomly?

Does your Anti Virus software not update?

Have strange, new icons appeared on your desktop?

Is your PC popping up with offers to “clean your system for a one off payment of $$$”?

Have you had a phone call out of the blue from “A Microsoft Representative” telling you that your system is at risk?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then your system could well be infected by a virus or more likely Spyware or Malware. As Internet usage increases we are seeing an alarming increase in spyware infected PC`s, this is often not the fault of the user but just a consequence of browsing the Internet.

These Spyware and Malware programs gradually build up on your computer until they start to impact on the performance or occasionally you will pick up something a bit nastier from the net.

We can do an in depth clean of your system to remove all the spyware, malware and viruses, clean the start up of all the accumulated junk (this will free up a lot of memory) and install a suite of programs to help protect your PC in the future.